Data Management, Sharing, and Discovery made easy

As a researcher, you want to spend your time advancing the state of the art, not curating your data.

We're introducing Crædl, which works with you in your lab to simplify data management. It assists you in sharing your work with your collaborators and discovering work made available within your research community.

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Institutional log-in

With Crædl, you don't need to worry about another username and password. Simply log in using your credentials from your university or laboratory.

Research data management

Crædl works within your existing workflow to help you keep track of your work. Need to find that data set from two months ago? No problem.

Large data sharing

Control your data. Keep it private, make it public, or share specific data sets large and small across institutional boundaries with ease.

Automatic metadata tagging

Crædl provides a framework for automatically applying metadata to your data so you don't have to waste your time doing it manually.

Data discovery

Make your data accessible for your colleagues to extend and search for similar work within your research community.

Research group management

Ever been stalled by researcher turnover? Crædl assists you in managing your research group to help keep track of your intellectual property.
About Us

What is your mission?

To empower researchers to focus on their domain science by providing an environment for data management that expedites task administration, project collaboration, and community interaction.

How do I get Crædl for my research group?

Send a message to and tell us a little about your research group.

I've run into trouble. How do I get help?

Send a message to describing what has gone wrong.

Is Crædl an acronym?

Yep. Crædl: Collaborative Research Administration Environment and Data Library.

How do I request a feature?

Send a message to with some details.

I want a cookie. May I have a cookie?

Find a bug and send a message to explaining how to reproduce it. If we can confirm you've found a bug, you can come get a cookie.

Can I help build Crædl?

Yes! Send a message to with your résumé.

Contact Us

Want to learn more about Crædl? Interested in using Crædl for your research?

Contact us at